Introducing ExtReme-XS subframes for 67-74 GM F-Body, 68-74 GM X-Body and ExtReme-XS full Chassis for C2 Corvette. The ultimate solution for extreme Autocross enthusiasts and Road Racing drivers who demand every advantage when competing. Our ExtReme products deliver exceptional geometry and strength, and now they’re even lighter and stronger, thanks to our limited production light-weight version ExtReme-XS. This new subframe takes ExtReme up a level by delivering all the things that make ExtReme great, reduces total weight significantly and adds integrated brake cooling ducts.



At Speedtech Performance, we’ve taken the best and made it better. Our ExtReme Subframe has already been praised for its extreme tire size, 315mm wide, and 30 degrees of turning; all without requiring any body styling modifications. Now, our limited production ExtReme-XS subframe is significantly lighter, making it the lightest one we’ve ever made. This reduction in subframe mass means your car will perform better in all ways, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.




That’s not all. Our limited production subframe also features integrated brake cooling ducts in the frame rail, which takes the headache out of packaging brake cooling in the front of your Camaro, Nova or Corvette. Air comes in the front frame horn and is directed at the center of the rotor, providing optimal cooling and performance.





The ExtReme-XS is a limited production component is exclusively available by contacting Speedtech Performance directly by email or by phone. Contact us today to reserve yours and take your driving to the next level with our ExtReme-XS subframes for GM F-Body, X-Body and full Chassis for C2 Corvette.


For more information on ExtReme-XS products or to reserve yours contact Speedtech Performance today.

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