Upgrade Your Vintage Vehicle with Top Chassis & Suspension Systems | Speed Tech
Upgrade Your Vintage Vehicle with Top Chassis & Suspension Systems | Speed Tech

Speedtech Performance is a leading manufacturer of high-performance chassis and suspension systems for vintage cars and trucks. With a uniquely engineered product line that features proprietary geometry and components, they have become the benchmark in the pro touring movement.


Speedtech Performance was established in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada to serve the Canadian market’s appetite for high-performance suspension products for vintage muscle cars. Initially, the company focused on a product line comprising of only five part numbers for ’67-’69 Chevrolet Camaros.

Thanks to the unparalleled design and quality of its products, Speedtech Performance quickly gained popularity amongst automobile enthusiasts throughout Canada and in 2006 made its debut at the prestigious SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This granted the company considerable exposure to the pro-touring automotive aftermarket industry.

In 2007 Blake Foster and Roger Maniscalco acquired the Speedtech Performance product line and name to aggressively expand the product offerings in the high-performance pro touring market.

With audacious plans and a spirit of entrepreneurship, Blake and Roger developed a comprehensive strategy to augment their product offerings and exceed customer expectations. This included introducing new parts for ’64-’72 Chevelles, ’70-’81 Camaros, and ’94-’96 Impala SS’, as well as an all-new Pro Touring subframe design for ’67-’69 Camaros and ’68-’74 Novas. The company’s growth accelerated, and Speedtech Performance quickly gained a reputation for providing high-quality, competitively priced products that were packaged in kits of components that work well together and were easy to install.

In a bold move, Speedtech Performance decided in 2012 to relocate its entire operation from Vancouver, BC to St. George, Utah. Despite the undertaking and inherent risks of such a move, Speedtech Performance looked beyond the horizon and focused on the vast potential rewards it could bring to the American performance car industry.

Now situated in a 30,000 square foot full-service facility in St. George, Utah; Speedtech Performance performs full in-house design, manufacturing, and distribution. With over 300 unique manufactured parts in their product lines, Speedtech Performance is dedicated to continually developing parts for new applications.

2019 brought about a renewed sense of excitement to the business and the wider aftermarket auto industry. Speedtech Performance released their Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) for the ’67-’69 F-Body, second generation F-Body, A-Body, GM Trucks, Tri-5’s and the all-new C2 Corvette Chassis. In 2022, Speedtech Performance launched an all-new range of products for Mopar enthusiasts with the E-Body and B-Body ExtReme products, including front subframes, torque arms, and IRS options. 

In their 20th year in business, Speedtech Performance USA was acquired by QA1 on January 1, 2024 and continues to operate in our St. George, Utah facility as an independent brand. (See QA1 Press Release HERE)


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