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Pro Touring is a style of building or modifying classic muscle cars to improve their performance and handling, while also incorporating modern technology and amenities.

A Pro Touring muscle car typically features upgraded suspension, brakes, steering, and drivetrain components to enhance its handling and acceleration. These modifications may include wider wheels and tires, high-performance brakes, adjustable suspension components, and a modernized engine with fuel injection and other upgrades.

Additionally, Pro Touring muscle cars may feature modern amenities such as air conditioning, power windows and locks, and upgraded audio systems for increased comfort and convenience.

With upgraded suspension, the Pro Touring cars and trucks have a lower, aggressive stance and ride height. With modern styling queues such as carbon fiber accents, lower front splitters and modern interior styling; overall, the goal of a Pro Touring muscle car is to create a classic car that retains its vintage style and appearance while incorporating modern performance and technology.


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