Advantages of Speedtech Performance Torque Arm Rear Suspension

Welcome to Speedtech Performance, where we offer the best in aftermarket suspension solutions for classic muscle cars. If you’re looking for a superior rear suspension system that can improve your driving experience and overall performance, look no further than our Torque Arm Rear Suspension (TARS).

Our TARS system is designed to eliminate the limitations of the outdated leaf spring suspension commonly found in older Pony Cars. With no rubber bushings, our TARS system eliminates any binding or resistance during moments, ensuring a consistent and predictable driving experience. Our Torque Arm is bolted to the rear axle housing, holding it firmly in place against the rotational loads experienced during acceleration and deceleration. The other end of the Torque Arm floats in a receiver near the center of the chassis, transferring acceleration and braking forces into the center of the car, reducing body pitch.

The proprietary Articu-Link trailing arms rotate on their own center, further reducing the potential for binding. With adjustments in the pinion angle, trailing arm height on the axle, and pan hard bar, our system can be tuned to adjust roll center and loading the chassis during acceleration and deceleration, giving you a more customized driving experience.

Our TARS system is easy to install and is compatible with a stock front subframe, as well as our Pro Touring and ExtReme front subframes. Unlike other suspension systems, our TARS system is not intrusive to the trunk or rear seat area, requiring only a small amount of welding under the car.

With our TARS system, you’ll experience improved performance and handling with no axle wrap or wheel hop, giving you a more confident and smoother ride. Plus, with fully adjustable ride height, roll center, anti-squat, and shock valving, you can customize the look and feel of your classic muscle car to your exact driving preferences.

At Speedtech Performance, we believe that our TARS system is the best performance for money available when it comes to rear suspension for your classic muscle car. Don’t settle for outdated leaf spring suspension any longer, upgrade to our Torque Arm Rear Suspension today and experience the difference.


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