Advantages of Speedtech Performance Torque Arm Rear Suspension

The Pony Car era was filled almost exclusively with rear suspension that employed the tried-and-true leaf spring design.  Short of heavy-duty trucks it’s rare to find leaf springs in modern vehicles.  Patented in 1804 they were acceptable for the task of their day but 220 years later this technology is obsolete for touring cars and road racing cars alike.

For the guys racing Pony Cars the leaf’s we’re proven to have performance limitations and for the custom car builder wheel and tire limitations we’re restricted by the leaf spring’s position in the chassis.

Our Torque Arm Rear Suspension (TARS) removes the limitations of the leaf springs while enhancing chassis performance.  The Speedtech Performance Torque Arm Rear Suspension uses a high strength steel arm bolted to the rear end at one end, this holds the axle housing from rotating against the rotational loads the tires apply to the housing. The other end floats in a receiver near the center of the chassis, this controls Pitch of the body by transferring acceleration and braking forces into the center of car.  To control the axle housing’s side to side movement our proprietary trailing arms called Articulinks are used.  The floating pin at the front the Torque Arm and the Articulinks allow the body to Roll over the rear axle during cornering in a controlled bind free manner because no rubber bushings are used.  Our bushings are made from an acetal homopolymer called Delrin. The bind free movement of the rear axle is paired with adjustable coil over shocks.

This system is not intrusive the trunk or rear seat area in any way.  There is a small amount of welding that needs to be done under the car, no part of the system is installed in the trunk or passenger compartment.  The system is virtually a bolt-in kit and compatible with a stock front sub frame as well as our Pro Touring and ExtReme front sub frames.

The Torque Arm Rear suspension can be tuned in a variety of ways to customize the look of the car as well as tailor the chassis to your driving preferences.  Ride height is fully adjustable along with, roll center, anti-squat and shock valving.

For your classic muscle car this is the best performance for money available when it comes to rear suspension, period.


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