T-56 6 Speed Transmission

Because of engine, vehicle, and transmission package variations, please call us at 435-628-4300 for sales help in customizing your T-56 Transmission to your specific needs.

You’ve got the suspension dialed in. You’ve got the power under the hood. Now you need to transfer that power to the rear wheels. One of the keys of success at the race track is keeping the car in it’s power range for as long as possible. Running low gears in the rear axle will help do this but can ruin your fuel mileage. Modern automatics require changing computer programs to control shifting patterns and somewhat limit your control of shift points. Thanks to the engineers at Tremec and GM, now you can have the best of all worlds.

The Tremec T-56 manual transmission puts you in control of gear changes allowing you to cater your driving style to each individual racing experience. Heavy duty internals can handle up 700 ft lbs of torque making it perfect for higher output engines. Splitting gear changes over 6 speeds allows your motor to stay within it’s power band for longer periods of time. With the double overdrive 5th and 6th gears it tames the most aggressive rear axle gears to run calmly down the freeway while increasing your fuel economy. For strength and ability you can’t beat a T-56 Magnum.

Two gear ratio options.
ratios offering up to a 50% reduction.
700 ft/lb. torque capacity!
Multiple Shifter mounting locations for various console applications.
Bolts directly to LS style T56 bellhousing or to custom scattershield.
Electric and mechanical speedometer pick ups.
26 spline input and 31 spline output shaft for increased torque capacity.
Upgraded transmission internals for strength and longevity.
All Magnum T-56 transmissions come with a 180 day warranty from Tremec (from date of purchase), and a free one year extended warranty from Speedtech and Hurst Driveline Conversions!