Smooth Firewall Kit


Installation Instructions

One of the best ways to make your car stand out from similar cars is to customize the engine bay. Smoothing the firewall makes a huge visual improvement over the dented, wrinkled and hole laden factory firewall, however until now this type of work was typically reserved for shops with the right equipment and know how. Speedtech eliminates the need for a shop and makes it easy for the home builder to handle the task with our pre formed smooth firewall kit. With some mild fabrication skills most anyone can install this CNC laser cut firewall with some simple tools and a home garage welder. This kit includes the main wall plate and a formed tunnel transition for applications where our tall transmission tunnel cover is used.

This kit fits both ’67-69 Camaros and Firebirds as well as ’68-74 Novas and other X-bodies. This kit is a great compliment to our ExtReme tunnel cover and lines right up with it. For other applications an easy slight reshape of the bellhousing transition to match the factory transmission tunnel is required.

This part requires oversize shipping, which will be calculated at the time of processing. Shipping quotes can be determined over the phone by calling 435-628-4300. If ordering online a sales rep will call to confirm total purchase amount before the order is completed.