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Polyurethane Motor Mounts


With the way Pro Touring cars are driven, your suspension is not the only system on your car that needs to be updated with heavy duty parts. Tossing the car through corners while getting on and off the throttle puts a great deal of stress on a stock motor mount. Speedtech offers polyurethane engine mounts to help keep your engine saddled in place. Compared to rubber mounts, polyurethane mounts are stronger and more resistant to the abuse seen in these pro touring driving conditions.

Our motor mounts start out as Energy Suspension’s high strength poly mount. We then machine them in-house, clearancing part of the metal cage to fit properly in a stock frame with an LSx engine. They can be mounted right side up for a typical small or big block type mount, or they get mounted upside down in conjunction with our LSx motor mount plates. These mounts are sold in pairs.

Application: Universal Fit, works with most small block and big block engines with early style mount configuration. Works also with ATS LSx Motor Mount Plates.