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To really take advantage of a Speedtech Performance Pro Touring suspension system it’s vital to have a decent adjustable shock backing it all up. Quality and capability are key features of a good performance shock, and that’s why Speedtech offers you top quality shock  from, Viking.

Viking, a new heavy hitter in the shock market, is our main line we match to all of our suspension kits. Based on a double adjustable twin tube design, they are available in both the GM suspension configuration “Smooth Body” as well as in two types of coilover configurations. Available are our standard Viking Warrior shocks for the average Pro Touring car, and their new Crusaders for those that will see a little more track time and want the best valving available. Viking builds a top of the line shock at a fantastic price and value, and that’s why we like them so much.

* Note- Shocks listed below are for factory mount configurations.
* Warning!- It IS NOT SAFE to install coilover shocks on a factory stamped steel front lower control arm! To properly handle the forces exerted by a coilover on the shock mount, be sure you have compatible heavy duty lower control arms.

* When ordering below-

Front shocks are sold as a pair in the kit.
Rear shocks are sold individually and require 2 quantity.
For other Viking Warrior, Viking Crusader or JRi shocks, please call us at 435-628-4300 and we’ll get you set up with the right shock for your application!