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Mopar ExtReme Tunnel Cover


Installation Instructions

Building a Pro Touring car often means swapping modern drivetrains into early muscle cars. The challenge is changing the old car platform to fit the newer parts. Using our ExtReme subframe means extra low ride heights and more room required for drivelines. In the past clearance for modern transmissions and drivelines meant recreating the transmission tunnel from scratch, an expensive and time consuming task. Now through Speedtech’s exclusive prefabbed tunnel cover the job is simplified and easy enough for most any garage builder to perform.

Our ExtReme tunnel cover kit for ’68-70 B-Body Mopars for use with our ExtReme subframes includes one main section to raise the tunnel and small one cap to create the end of the cover. Installation requires cutting, welding and some light fab work. Please see installation instructions below to learn more about what’s required to install one.