Grand Touring Suspension 1970-81 F Body


If you are looking for a complete suspension system upgrade to get the most out of your stock subframe,  look no further than our new Grand Touring suspension package. Our goal with the new GT system is to create a front and rear suspension that will vastly improve the handling characteristics of your vehicle on a budget most anyone can afford. Centered around using your GM frame, this complete package is designed to give you all the adjustability of coilover shocks combined with tubular front control arms with re-engineered geometry and backed by the huge improvement of a Torque Arm performance rear suspension.

GT Front Suspension Package includes-

Speed Tech Tubular Upper control arms.
Speed Tech Tubular Lower Control Arms.
Chicane Coilover Conversiion Kit
Adjustable coilover shocks for either Small Block/ LS or Big Block motors.
Shocks allow for up to 2 1/2″ of ride height adjustment.
Speed Tech T6061 billet tie rod adjustment sleeves.
Shock thrust bearing and adjuster wrench kit.
1 1/8″ chrome moly tubular front sway bar.
All new mounting hardware.

GT Package rear suspension includes:

Front Torque Arm X Member.
Torque Arm.
Upper Rear X Member / Shock Mount.
Adjustable Shocks and Coil springs.
Trailing Arms, powder coated Gloss Black.
Billet Aluminum Pan Hard Bar, powder coated Gloss Black.
All Rear Axle Housing Brackets.
Complete Hardware Kit and Installation Instructions.
Torque Arm upgrade options include:

Powder Coating in black, gun metal grey, silver, or bronze.
Any width 9″ Ford or 12 Bolt GM axle housing with brackets welded in place.
9″ Ford axle can be ordered empty or complete,  for more details!
Autocross valved Coilovers.
Wilwood or Baer brakes available.

**When ordering rear axles, brakes and/or powder coating colors other than black, please call us at 435-628-4300 for help customizing these components to your needs.

Mounts are available for three specific axle applications:

Click the photo at right for a larger view.

GM 8.2″ or 8.5″ 10 bolt axles found commonly in muscle cars from the early 1960’s to late 1970’s. These rears were most common in small block applications in cars like Camaro’s, Chevelle’s, and Nova’s. The 8.2″ was in the earlier cars, 8.5″s were available around 1970.

GM Car 12 Bolt axles were commonly found in GM muscle cars, most commonly found in big block applications. Note in the diagram that the 12 bolt car and truck rears are quite different.

Ford 9″ axles that have factory Ford clocking bolt locations on the front pinion mount (A.). Some aftermarket axles have Ford or non-Ford clocking. We have mounts that fit Strange, Moser and Currie. Be sure to tell your sales rep what brand axle you have!

Axles that will not fit our torque arm mounts- GM Truck 12 bolt, GM BOP axles, GM 7.5″ (G-Body/ S10), GM 7.625″ (’82-’98 Camaro/ F Body), Ford 8.8″

For Torque Arm Rear Suspensions-

For most average Pro Touring Camaros seeing only occasional track days the Torque Arm performs flawlessly even without a rear sway bar. For those that will hit the track more often and run either our ExtReme front subframe or a fairly large sway bar on our Pro Touring or your GM subframe we recommend adding our Torque Arm rear sway bar kit to further enhance your car’s handling! This bar is a frame mounted, tubular type 7/8″ bar that is three-way adjustable for 138, 170, and 215 lb. spring rates and is sized and shaped to clear our Torque Arm assembly. See below to order.



Application: 1970-1981 Camaro, Firebird **

** Note: Order kit according to year below, 1970-1974 OR 1975-1981

Some 2nd Gen Camaro driveline tunnels require some slight modification to clear the 12 bolt axle front pinion mount. This is not an issue with 9″ Ford axles. Please see “Torque Arm Install” instructions at the bottom of the page for details.