Fuel systems

In 2010, Vaporworks and Rick’s Tanks teamed up to create the ultimate in muscle car fuel tanks with O.E. system features. The Vaporworks fuel delivery system consists of a machined stainless ring which uses the O.E. fuel pump module, an o-ring and the top retainer ring. The Vaporworks system also makes use of “live” fuel pick-ups (2 per tank), which open and close depending on where the fuel has moved inside of the tank during cornering. The Vaporworks design has proven itself again and again on the long and sweeping curves of the country’s top road racing tracks. It’s the perfect tank for your 75-79 Nova, X Body, Chevelle, Cutlass, GTO, or Skylark.


When ordering a Fuel Tank please call us at 435-628-4300 for available options and pricing.