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ExtReme 9″ Ford Full Floater Axle


Traditional OEM style axles rely on only a single bearing and flanged axle shaft to both support the torsional loads created by the drive differential as well as the weight of the car. This may be enough for simple transportation, but when you add the tremendous forces experienced in hard acceleration and cornering, stock style flanged axles will flex and “bow” resulting in suspension geometry changes and brake pad “knock back”. Knock back is caused when rotors push on the brake pads causing caliper pistons to retract in their bores. The result is brakes that will fail until pumping them restores pad and rotor contact. The tremendous pressures applied to the OEM style single bearing design can also lead to premature component failure and major axle damage.

To eliminate these issues and achieve the highest level of performance and safety Speedtech has developed a unique “floating” axle which incorporated a double splined axle shaft with a separate heavy duty splined hub assembly that brakes and wheels independently bolt to. By design this set up transfers only torsional load from the axle center through the axles while only the outer hubs take on the load from driving forces and the weight of the car. Speedtech Performance was among the original developers to first adapt this technology into a street legal package through our ExtReme 9” Ford based full floating axle!

Our exclusive Speedtech ExtReme floater mates the proven reliable heavy duty Corvette C7 rear drive hub and factory parking brake with a NASCAR quality 9” housing and 31 spline center side and 33 spline hub side floating axle shafts. Our housing ends are precision CNC machined from Billet steel to ensure the highest strength possible. The C7 drive hub uses a forged housing and fully sealed dual bearing pack, spreading the loads over a broader bearing surface area and eliminating the possibility of internal contamination. Our hubs require no regular maintenance or preload adjustment, and allow for removing the axle center section without even removing the wheels! The ExtReme axle assembly is one of the only Floater assemblies on the market that incorporates a parking brake which makes it LEGAL for street operation.

Our ExtReme rear Axle kit is a complete package including:

Complete new 9” housing with brackets in place.
Billet CNC machined housing ends welded on.
Corvette C7 sealed double bearing heavy duty hubs.
Heavy duty 31 spline center, 33 spline outer axles.
Parking brake assembly installed.
All hardware included.
Totally customizable TruTrac and WaveTrac center section available

Note: Additional shipping may apply to certain areas. Your sales rep will contact you to discuss gear ratio and other options, as well as the final shipping estimates.