Rear Coilover Conversion with Trailing Arms


By nature, the GM 4 link has been known to perform well in a straight line situation. However, because of suspension bind, geometry fluctuations, weak stamped steel control arms and rubber bushings there is a lot left to be desired when it comes to performance handling. Most A body rear suspension products on the market rely on solid control arms and poly bushings to “beef” up the suspension. This does not resolve the suspension bind and geometry fluctuation issues. They also maintain the less effective factory located control arm mounting points for the sway bar which doesn’t allow the bar to do its job correctly.

Application: ’64-72 Chevelles

**Our brackets will fit factory GM style shock brackets or Dutchman axles only. They will not fit other aftermarket axle brackets without major modification to axle and/or shock brackets!

*Please Read:

  • We have found that our brackets MAY NOT line up with 1969 GTO/ Lemans shock mounts.
  • Order below according to the year of your car, 1966 OR ‘64,65,’67-72.