Chicane Coilover Conversion Kit 1978-87 G Body


The ability to properly setup the chassis and tune to individual track conditions is one of the basic fundamentals for achieving low lap times. Adjustable spring rate, ride height, and shock dampening is a vital part of that tuning process. True coilover shocks allow for all these to be done in one easily adjustable package, while avoiding issues where other coil and shock combinations fall short. Speedtech created the Chicane Coilover Kit for 1978-1988 G-Body’s so that coilover shocks can be installed and put to use in your factory frame!

Designed to be welded in place of the factory upper shock mount this 1978-1988 G-Body body kit converts the factory shock mount to a double sheer coilover mount for use with coilovers with a t-bar lower mount. Unlike other kits on the market, being able to make tuning adjustments without removing any components from the vehicle was a primary design goal for the Chicane coilover kit.  It allows easy on-car adjustment of ride height, rebound, and compression. Since the factory upper control arm mounting bracket remains unaltered, engine removal is not a requirement for installation. Welding of the Chicane coilover kit is basic and straight forward, and can be completed by a certified welder within an hour. We have two kits available, the base kit is perfect if you already have t-bar lower coilover mount shocks, and the complete kit includes QA1 adjustable coilover shocks.

Complete Chicane Kit includes:

  • 2 weld-in double sheer laser cut cages with formed stiffener plate.
  • Coilover spacer.
  • QA1 Adjustable coilover shocks.
  • Spanner Wrench and Thrust Bearings.
  • All necessary hardware.