Pro Touring Front Subframe – Loaded


Upgrade your GM F or X-Body with the Speedtech Performance Pro Touring Subframe featuring our Rack and Pinions Steering. This subframe is designed to handle all driving conditions with ease, making it ideal for daily driving, and autocross. The box welded construction and tabbed through frame gusseting provide added torsional rigidity, while the fully adjustable wheel alignment and improved geometry for better grip during cornering allow for a customizable driving experience. The package includes custom designed upper and lower control arms, a durable power rack and pinion steering, Viking double adjustable coil over shocks, with spring rate options fro your build.



  • Full Pro Touring Subframe
  • Custom designed upper and lower control arms with high clearance  to accommodate wide wheels
  • Unisteer power rack and pinion steering
  • Viking double adjustable coil over shocks, spring rates of your choice included
  • Tuned, adjustable, front sway bar for street, pro-touring/auto cross and road course
  • Fully adjustable transmission cross member that will accommodate all engine and transmission combinations


  • Boxed construction welded  frame and cross members for added torsion rigidity
  • Improved motion ratio for faster shock response and more precise control
  • Increased shock length providing more suspension travel
  • Improved front geometry delivers better feeling of being connected to the road from teh driver seat
  • Full steering angle with no tire rub with 275mm wide tire
  • Excellent system for street, autocross & track days
  • Adjustable ride heights to meet your vision for styling the car exactly the way you want it
  • Accommodates wider front wheels and tires with full steering


  • LS, LT, BBC, SBC, motor mount adapter plates with Energy Suspension motor mounts
  • Headers: 321 stainless steel, slip fit, 1 7/8” length with 3” collector and O2 bung, high clearance
  • Stainless steel 2 joint, 1 shaft, steering shaft kit to work with our headers
  • Aftermarket oil pan that will work with our sub frame
  • Front and rear axle brake kits from top tier suppliers

At Speedtech Performance, our ethos is all about helping car enthusiasts achieve their dream of having the perfect system to modify their car according to their individual needs and desires. We believe that not everyone knows what they want or what is possible, and that’s why we offer a free no-obligation consultation to everyone. We take the time to understand you and your goals for the car, whether it’s for long distance travel, daily driving, or track days. Our focus is on maximizing wheel and tire widths while maintaining the original styling of the car. Our suspension systems are designed from scratch, with optimized front-end geometry to improve Camber caster settings, minimize bump steer, and improve camber and caster gain during driving. Our suspension designs provide 20% more outside tire grip while steering with corrected Ackerman. We pride ourselves on making the best pro touring suspension in the world, with a focus on performance-driven designs. Our prices are competitive, and we deliver a superior product that will exceed your expectations.