’67-69 Camaro and ’68-74 Nova Bump Steer Kit


You’re building your car for better control right? The last thing you need is bump steer, a condition when the car steers itself without driver input. This condition typically happens when the suspension bumps over uneven surfaces in the road or while in suspension compression through the turns. When your steering linkage and the suspension travel in different arcs the steering linkage will push or pull on the spindle’s steering arm making the car feel darty or twitchy and unpredictable. Improper bump steer geometry can also cause opposing steering as you turn into a curve and the car starts to body roll.

Fighting the car rather than having it go where you want it to can be frustrating while cruising and it ruins your track times. The best way to resolve this is by dialing in your suspension geometry with our adjustable bump steer kit. By simply changing the stacking order of the varying height shims included in the kit, (see example below), you can tune the steering linkage to eliminate much of the bump steer associated with factory settings and components. Compared to other brands our design uses a shoulder bolt rather than a pin/ bolt combo to allow greater wheel clearance and options. Also included in this kit are new much stronger and easy adjusting billet tie rod sleeves that help prevent thread jump and protect tie rod threads from the elements. Free rotating spherical bearing rod ends replace the outer tie rods for accurate and smooth operation.

Properly tuning bump steer requires a bump steer gauge and the knowledge necessary to tune the car according to your driving style and conditions. If you are unable to perform this yourself seek out a professional shop familiar with performing performance alignments and suspension tuning.


To provide extra wheel clearance this kit uses a shoulder bolt in place of a tapered tie rod pin combination bolt. Your factory steering arms will need to be machined to remove the taper and match the dia. of the bolt in the steering arm. Most machine shops should be able to do this simple process for you. See instructions for more details.

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