ExtReme Camaro 1982-1992 Track Time Package


Our ExtReme Track Time Package provides you a world class driving experience from your classic Camaro/Firebird.  The kit is specifically designed to update your car to our ExtReme Front Sub Frame and Torque Arm Rear Suspension.  This front and rear suspension package will update your cars comfort and performance to be more like a modern car with precise control and excellent driver feedback at the steering wheel.


  • Full ExtReme subframe
  • Custom designed upper and lower control arms with high clearance  to accommodate wide wheels
  • Durable Sweet Mfg. dual power rack and pinion steering
  • JRI Speedtech Performance custom valved single adjustable coil over shocks front and rear, spring rates of your choice included
  • Tuned, adjustable, splined front sway bar with spring rate options for street, pro-touring/auto cross and road course
  • Exclusive ExtReme forged spindles with C7 hubs and maintenance sealed free bearing
  • Fully adjustable transmission cross member that will accommodate all engine and transmission combinations
  • ExtReme Torque Arm Rear Suspension with crossmember for torque arm
  • Articu-Link trailing arms
  • Ford 9″ style rear axle housing and 31 spline axles – center section optional


  • Boxed construction welded with tabbed through frame and cross members for added torsion rigidity
  • Speedtech Performance Chassis and Sub Frames come exclusively with forged 7075 aluminum ExtReme spindles
  • 78% motion ratio for faster shock response and more precise control
  • Increased shock length providing more suspension travel
  • Virtually zero bump steer, .005” over the full travel of the system
  • 30 +/- 3 deg of steering angle
  • Our exclusive system provides optimum Ackerman for up to 20% more inside tire grip when cornering
  • Industry exclusive optimized roll center for low, mid & high travel
  • 3-piece Chromoly tubular splined sway bar standard, optional spring rates
  • Excellent system for street, autocross & track days
  • Ride heights to meet your vision for styling the car exactly the way you want it
  • Accommodates grater than 315/30/18 tire with full steering


  • We took the best forged aluminum spindle made and made it better
  • Forged from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Optimized geometry unmatched in any other Corvette style Spindle
  • Significantly improved KPI/SAI angle
  • Requires less caster to achieve maximum tire contact patch
  • Significantly reduced scrub radius
  • Billet steering arm provides increased Ackerman angle
  • Achieves optimum tire slip-angles, increasing front tire grip
  • Maintains optimum tire grip with less backspaced wheels
  • Brake caliper bolt pattern is direct carryover from Corvette C5 & C6 opening up many options
  • Comes standard with a maintenance free factory GM Corvette C7 hub & sealed bearing
  • Excellent for Autocross, Road Course & Street
  • From parking lots to tracks, it simply drives & turns better


  • Never binding Articu-Link lower control arms mounted with Delrin bushings
  • Cross member with Torque are receiver and frame connector bars
  • Adjustable roll center via pan hard bar
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable pinion angle
  • Adjustable wheelbase via Articu-Link
  • JRI Single adjustable coil overs with springs – any spring rate you want
  • 31 spline pro street axle package with bearings and 12MM x 1.5 x 2” studs and access hole
  • New 9” housing with 3”x .250” tubes and Big Ford New Style Ends, 2.5” axle offset
  • Torque arm rear suspension brackets welded onto housing
  • Housing checked for true and straightened after weldments as needed
  • Super Set 20 bearings with dual axle seals
  • Accommodates stock fuel tank


  • LS, LT, SBC, BBC motor mount adapter plates with Energy Suspension motor mounts
  • Steering Column: Ididit tilt steering column necessary for proper steering shaft clearance with black powder coat
  • Headers: 321 stainless steel, slip fit, 1 7/8” length with 3” collector and O2 bung, high clearance
  • Stainless steel 2 joint, 1 shaft, steering shaft kit to work with our headers
  • Rear end and Third Member powder coating
  • Milodon oil pan that will work with our sub frame
  • Holley intercooler pipe kit
  • Stainless Steel notched Rick’s Tank with Vapor Worx system, return less, in tank pump module varies based on engine HP
  • Front and rear axle brake kits from top tier suppliers
  • Forgline Wheels with custom offset to get exactly the look you are going for


Our Torque Arm Rear Suspension significantly improves comfort and performance of your classic muscle car. Unique in it’s design, this package will overcome poor ride quality and traction issues commonly associated leaf spring rear suspension designs from the 70s.  Learn more more clicking the link below to see an overview of the system.

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All orders and tailored to your specific project, we provide a no cost consultation to answer all your questions and and clarify any technical specification about your order a sales rep will call you to go though all the details with you.  To expedite the process call now and speak with one of our experienced sales experts.

Factory steering columns may not be the right length for the correct steering shaft angle and may not work with the ExtReme suspension components. We recommend an Ididit steering column for best results. Please speak to your sales rep to order a column from us or to obtain the correct part number.

Black powder coating adds on $500, while some other colors add more costs. If necessary the coating cost will be adjusted when the order is processed.

$400 crating fee plus truck freight shipping added on at the time of processing. if crate needs to be oversized, additional costs will be added.