What is a Full Floater 9″ Rear Axle


For those that are serious about having the best of the best, our custom designed Speedtech Performance 9” Floater is for you! Traditional OEM style live axles employee an axle with a flanged face that rely on a single outer axle bearing for support. Side loading the axles such as in a cornering situation these axles result in brake pad “knock back”. Knock back is caused when rotors push on the brake pads which make the pistons retract in their bores. The result is a long brake pedal on the first application that that requires “pumping up” to restore a high firm brake pedal. To eliminate knock back, and premature axle bearing failure, Speedtech Performance offers a “Floating” axle to fit all of our custom suspension.

Our Speedtech Performance floater 9″ separates the axle shaft from the wheel drive flange and mates the Corvette C7 rear drive hub and factory parking brake with a NASCAR quality 9” housing and 31 spline floating axle shafts (can be upgraded to 35 Splines). The housing ends are precision CNC machined from Billet steel to ensure the highest strength possible. The C7 drive hub uses a forged housing and fully sealed  maintenance free dual bearing, eliminating any internal contamination. These hubs also incorporate the C7 Tone Wheel  for a speed sensor, allowing the addition of Anti-Lock Brakes and Traction Control.  Our hubs require no regular maintenance or preload adjustment, and allow for removing the center section without even removing the wheels! The Floater axle assembly is one of the only floater assemblies on the market that incorporates a parking brake which is mandatory for LEGAL street operation.


  • Floating axle separates shaft from drive flange
  • Double splined axles: 31 inboard/33 out board (inboard can be upgraded)
  • Billet CNC machined axle housing ends
  • Includes parking brake assembly
  • Utilizes Corvette C7 sealed double bearing hubs and includes tone wheel
  • ABS and Traction Control compatibility