Dutchman 9″ Ford Axles

Dutchman is a family owned and operated business producing top quality racing products since the early 1970s. For over forty years, they have a reputation for building rear axles and components that stand up to the rigors of racing, and that’s why we choose them as our exclusive supplier.

Speedtech Performance Base Axle Housing Features:

  • Heavy Duty 9″ Ford based axle housing
  • All Speedtech Performance Brackets welded on at the factory 
  • Housings are made to order cut exactly to the width you want for your car
  • Large Torino style bearing ends
  • Dutchman Super Set 20 Bearing assemblies, see below
  • 31 Spline Pro Street heavy duty axles

Speedtech Performance Complete Rear Axle Features:

  • New Strange Deluxe Nodular Iron case 3rd member
  • Billet aluminum Daytona pinion support
  • 1350 series HD forged drive yoke
  • 31 spline Eaton True-Trac limited slip
  • Your choice of ring & pinion (3:00 & up ratios)
  • Bearings, pinion seal, ring gear bolts, and gasket
  • Fully assembled and ready to bolt in

Our 9″ Axle housing comes standard with the Dutchman upgraded Super Set 20 bearing assembly. Designed to provide a life long seal and protection for your axle bearings it just doesn’t get any better than this. The Super Set 20 has proven to increase capacity for heavy loads, retain bearing pre-load under extreme side loads and exponentially increased service life.