New for GM A-Body Stock Chassis: 9″ Rear End Housing and Axles

Speedtech Performance is thrilled to announce we now offer a 9” rear end solution for our bolt on line of A-Body rear suspensions. This new product will complement our existing Base Chevelle kit through Chevelle Track Time Package. Speedtech Performance rear suspension kits come with our exclusive Articulinks which minimize binding and allow for smoother load transitions. The 9” housing fits seamlessly into the back of the car with our suspension and can be added retrospectively for customers who already have one of our kits in their car.

The new rear axle housing can be delivered in custom widths, comes with the axles and all brackets are already welded on when you receive it. Other options such as, Super set 20 or full floater are also available. The rear end simply bolts into our suspension kits in place of the OEM housing and has several positions available for mounting lower Articulinks and coil over shocks.

GM A-Body’s using Speedtech Performance’s rear suspension kits with the new 9” housing receive all the performance and durability that can be squeezed out of a stock chassis. We recommend customers also look at our A-Body Frame Brace kit for added chassis rigidity.

Speedtech performance is passionate about classic muscle cars. These cars had impressive horsepower but were not celebrated for their cornering and braking performance. Speedtech Performance designs and manufactures chassis and suspension to make classic muscle cars perform like modern sports cars.

Press release – A Body 9 Rear Axle PR


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