RedZed Reloaded Built By Speedtech

Although RedZed’s old Speedtech Pro Touring subframe was more than adequate for Roger’s street driver, he wanted the latest and greatest top performance on tap for his ride, so the new ExtReme frame swap was a no brainer. This new subframe features even more aggressive handling geometry and a lot more tire clearance. A Sweet brand race tuned rack and pinion handles the high speed steering and gets relocated to the front of the crossmember. Specific autocross tuned coilovers keep things comfortable on the street and the tires stuck to the ground on track days. On the outer edges Baer’s 6 piston calipers hug 14″ rotors to provide quick stopping power. Check out the photos below for more details. RedZed has been an Icon amongst Speedtech fans for many years, and was a test car in the beginning for our then new Speedtech Pro Touring Subframe and Torque arm suspension systems. That transformation took it from a cookie cutter Camaro to the poster child of what a street and show Pro Touring cruiser should look like. Bright red paint, 19″ front billet wheels and deep and wide 20″ rear wheels, supercharged big block, and a mean stance put it to the top of it’s class. Now with the release of Speedtech’s new ExtReme products, RedZed was calling for a little bit of change of attitude and pace. Follow along as we unfold “RedZed Reloaded” …

RedZed already had a Speedtech Torque arm out back, in fact it was one of the first ever produced. With a few revisions for better performance over the years it was upgraded to the new Torque Arm too. Also included was a rear axle swap from the 12 bolt to a Dutchman prepped 9″ Ford with a TrueTrac center section, 3.89 gears, and superset bearing assemblies and Baer’s matching 6 piston rear brakes. To better match the handling of the front geometry, shocks with 600 lb springs and a Speedtech Torque Arm sway bar were installed. This car rides super comfortable on the street, and Roger’s taken it on road trips up to several hours long and cruises around town without a hitch, …or sore kidneys.

Having been previously powered by a supercharged 427″ big block and a 700R4 transmission Roger was interested in something a little more streetable for the long haul and a little more fun and interactive for playing around town, a 525 hp GM crate LS3 and Viper T-56 6 speed replaced the old school power. Shown here is also the chassis stiffening down bars over our widened  fiberglass wheel tubs.


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