Karl’s ’69 RS Camaro

Some time ago we started a ’69 Camaro project for a client. With big changes at work and being clear back on the east coast he decided the car project wasn’t in the mix anymore and was stuck with the dilemma of selling his partially built ’69 Camaro to the right person. Just so happens a local St. George resident Karl had a ’68 Camaro he was building but had a bad itch for a ’69 instead. He heard about the ’69 here for sale and felt the direction change was just what he needed. The car stayed in our build shop and the project got under way again. With plans to not only be of the highest show quality it’s also intended to be street driven and designed to compete in open road races like the Silver State Classic and Texas Mile, where cars are pushed to find out just how fast they can go.

Beginning as a previously “restored” Yenko clone it looked pretty nice, but that was just on the surface. According to disassembly and media blasting, a reality check showed it was pretty ugly underneath and was obvious a complete rebuild was in order. After replacing both rear 1/4 panels, doors, fenders, hood, complete floor pan and firewall work could continue with all the fun upgrades. Follow along as we completely transformed this into an ExtReme Pro Touring street and track machine!.

After all the body panels were smoothed to perfection primer was laid down and the block sanding began. When Robert was finally satisfied with his work he sprayed perfection in the form of Ford Raptor charcoal metallic gray. Right out of the gun it looked great for most any build but wet sanding and buffing created the shine this car deserves.


Not only will this ’69 Camaro look great on the outside, It’ll look awesome inside too. Custom door panels, dash, center console, roll cage, and seat upholstery are all in the mix!


Boasting 427 inches and just over 750 hp @ 8,000 rpms before the nitrous, this highly modified LS mill is nestled between the rails of a Speedtech ExtReme subframe. Ready for action this industry leading ExtReme subframe equipped with our street and race optimized proprietary suspension, Sweet race inspired rack and pinion steering, Ron Sutton “Secret Sauce” valved coilover shocks and huge 6 piston Stoptech brakes, this ride will be just plain unruly!

Check out all the little details even in the suspension and through out the car. No effort was spared!

Once the drivetrain and suspension were in place we turned attention to final assembly. Lots of cool little features on this car, for example to help with down force and to keep the car planted at those high speed races where Karl will be maintaining long term triple digit mph blasts, this custom one-off splitter was carefully designed to direct airflow in a way to create ram air without aerodynamic obstructions on the hood. It also helps guide the air under the car further enhancing it’s aero capability.


The final photos of the car certainly don’t do justice to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of this build. What was once a simple Yenko clone cruiser is now a very high tech serious street machine, with the power and handling performance to back up it’s great looks. We anticipate this one getting it’s share of media attention and will be seen at track events around the states so keep an eye out for more! A big pat on the back for the Speedtech crew that put it together, with a special thanks to our lead tech Jeremy that handled just about all of the hands on work and Robert who sprayed and dressed that beautiful hue.




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