Dustin’s 73 Firebird

Dustin’s a video game 3-D character designer by trade, so I guess you could say he gets paid to play with video games. When he’s not playing with soldiers and fantasy creatures he also enjoys playing with cars, his most recent project is this ’73 Firebird. Not able to do body work and paint himself the car was sent off to another shop to prep and paint it. As you can see in the first few photos, Dustin ended up saving it from the “It’s paint ready right now” other shop and later brought it to us.

After an assessment of the car the decision was made to start over and make sure everything was done right. With a body and paint plan underway, the next step was to prepare the car for an ExtReme front subframe and suspension and a torque arm set up out back. To tuck the massive 335 mm rear tires minitubs were installed at the same time the driveline tunnel got our Speedtech mod to make room for the T56 Magnum 6 speed. From there the whole body got media blasted and body work began to make it arrow straight for the super deep black paint. With the paint buffed to perfection the car was reassembled with suspension and drivetrain.

Up front the ExtReme subframe sports Viking Crusader autocross valved shocks and our ExtReme spindles that accepted a set of Stoptech street/race 14″ rotors and 6 piston caliper brake system. The 315-30-18 BFG Rivals wrap Forgeline wheels for incredible front grip through the corners. Nestled in the frame rails is a stout 630 hp 418 stroker LS3 to help get the move on. OPut back our famous Torque Arm suspension keeps the 9″ axle in place, Viking Crusaders kep it stable, and Stoptech provides the braking. After all was installed and set back on the ground, Dustin will be picking up the car to finish the interior and hooking everything up. He knows his limitations but still wants to be part of the built not bought crowd. We can’t wait to see what he does with it, and see it tearing up the street and tracks when all is said and done.


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