Charles’ ’70 Nova

Charles bought this as an already upgraded car with a healthy small block and an aftermarket pro touring suspension. After Autocrossing a few times and some cruising around town, Charles decided he wanted to get serious about performance. In his search for parts that could help him achieve his goals, he talked to us and the car soon showed up with us for a complete ground up rebuild. Included in the transformation is a 525 hp crate LS mill nestled between our new ExtReme Nova subframe and that wicked front suspension is backed by our famous torque arm system. Along with some subtle body mods and a fresh layer of paint it’ll also get a complete custom interior.

When we asked Charles what look he might be after for the repaint he simply said, “White… with a black hood.” As the design and rendering process unfolded, we met in the middle and worked in a little dark gray. Check out the rebuild process below, starting with photos of the car as it arrived here in Rally trim!


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