Roy’s 70 Chevelle Malibu

“Automotive forums can be full of gossip, bashing and immaturity. But not all forums are like this and can actually aid car enthusiasts to make important decisions when it comes to their cars. Thanks to, Roy Bardwell got the reviews he needed to pick the suspension components he needed. The company he used didn’t fair too bad either.

Bardwell drives a ‘70 Chevelle with a 454cui engine. The car is also equipped with a TH400 transmission and a 10-bolt Positraction rear end. To improve the ride of the Chevelle, Bardwell planned to redo the front suspension and brakes. But after looking at reviews on the forum, he decided to redo the entire suspension with a Speedtech A-Body Track Time Suspension Package.

With the new suspension in place, Bardwell posted that the ride is much improved and he is now looking for a good brake kit to put on his car. Thanks to the new suspension, the car also sits about 3 inches lower, giving the wheels a more tucked-in look.

What better way to know that something works well for your car than by getting reviews from people who’ve tried it for themselves? While sometimes you must be careful about the information you get on forums, the good reviews proved to be true for the SpeedTech Suspension Package. We’re glad Bardwell found a suspension package that worked well for him- and on a forum, mind you.

While the Chevelle may not be show quality yet, we look forward to seeing more progress on Bardwell’s future upgrades.”


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