Erich’s ’66 El Camino

Erich Monteith wanted to be different in building a Pro Touring machine, and what better way than a corner-carving El Camino?

After a year of driving his new to him 66 El Camino, Erich got the itch to improve things. A 350 with overdrive automatic was dropped in for motivation, and the suspension refreshed at all four corners. Three years after that, it was time to really re-do the suspension. A call to Speedtech Performance netted Erich one of Speedtech’s Track Time packages, designed and optimized to get an A-body tip-toeing through autocross cones with grace and ease. To make the most of the El Camino’s new handling abilities, he went to A.R.E. Performance in Simi Valley, California, for a built 383 Mouse cranking out almost 400 hp. A built 200-4R sends power to a Coast Driveline prepped rear.

…Out through the offsets and into the higher-speed section, the big Wilwood binders got the El Camino slowed and easily positioned for the turnaround. Back through another series of offsets and into the “Chicago Box,” I loved that I had the ability to rotate the car at will. The Speedtech “Track Time” system keeps the tires planted and front end turning; there’s minimal body lean but lots of movement that maintains compliance and makes the car so friendly to drive. Through the final short offset slalom to the finish found the Elco handling everything I could throw at it, and each run finished with grins and giggles.

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