Bentley’s ExtReme ’55 F100

If you all remember Bentley’s super clean ’68 Nova we did a couple years ago, well we’re back at it with another project to fill his garage!

The Nova had some real sentimental value, Bentley’s dad had a red ’68 when he was younger.  Naturally he wanted to build one like it, only a Pro Touring version, for himself. The F100 pictured here on the other hand wasn’t something he really thought much of owning, it just sort of happened to fall into his hands.

You all have seen the fantastic performance we were able to get out of our ExtReme chassis’ed ’68 C10, and Bentley had similar performance expectations for his fat fendered ride. Trouble is the right combination of capapbility was nowhere to be found so yet another opportunity to create something better has presented itself. With that said, Bentley’s F100 will become the predecessor to a new line of ExtReme 50’s F100 Chassis systems!

As you can see we’re starting with what looks to be a mild maybe early 90’s local car show level build that got some blingy 20″ wheels slapped on it along the way. Besides looking a bit outdated, there are some  areas where the body work is falling apart and rust is starting to form. Little things like weatherstrip etc. are also falling apart. Bentley’s got a little different taste than the salmon pink earlier days vibe, so follow along as we completely transform this ol’ grass sittin’ at the car show grandpa into a lean and mean serious street machine!

Before Pics and Teardown

Replace and Rebuild

Body Work Begins


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