A 1968 Chevrolet Nova Street Car that Does It All

“Speedtech’s entry into the 2015 Super Chevy Suspension and Handling Challenge, presented by Falken Tire, stood out from the field of eight cars for one simple reason… It was not built as a race car in disguise as a street car, but rather what a pro-touring car was always meant to be, a car that’s nice to cruise, but also one that has modern handling prowess.”

-Steven Rupp, Editor, Super Chevy

From Mary Pozzi

“According to Speedtech they’ve only driven this Nova about 200 miles. To me that seemed just plain wrong, since from all appearances, this ’68 Nova was just about perfect.

I must admit I was dubious when I took a closer look at the Nova and saw the disparity between the front and rear tire sizes as a 245/315 difference is a sure recipe for understeer. Never form a prior opinion, they say, so I put that thought aside and promptly forgot about it.

As far as that tire size difference I talked about earlier… well, no one apparently told the car this was a bad thing as it stuck like a tick! Handling was absolutely spot-on as the car was so easy to compress into a corner. It was trustable and gave a confident “hero” feel, and I finally was able to realize just how developed this suspension is with that awesome torque arm handling the load. From corner entry to track out, the car went where it was pointed and enabled me to focus on the upcoming turns and proper driving lines to get there. On my cool-down “street test” lap, there was no difference in ride quality and this is a car whose bits all work together in harmony with many shades of grey for driving possibilities.”

“I can guarantee if this Nova was in my garage, it would be driven… a lot. Of all the cars I’ve threaded through cones and clipped many an apex with as part of the Super Chevy Suspension Shootouts held over the past eight years, this car is in my Top Three of all time as it meets criteria for all of my needs. Whether it’s cruising the pleasure lanes on Highway 1 or sliding around an end sweeper at a local autocross, this car’s got it all going on.”


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