Stacey’s Down Under ’69 Camaro in Forged Magazine

Stacey, a native Australian and yellow Chevrolet muscle car collector found himself shopping for front suspension parts in the US when he stumbled on Speedtech Performance. After checking out our products and getting the most helpful info from us he decided he wanted our subframe installed into a ’69 Camaro shell he found here in the states. One thing led to another and Speedtech ended up designing and rebuilding the entire car. Featured in Australia’s famous Forged magazine, they took a bunch of great studio photos, did a great write up on the car and also interviewed Stacey for his input.

When the car was finished Stacey brought his family over to the states for a vacation and to pick up the car.

He said, “It was great to meet the team behind the build. I put a whole heap of faith in them and they well and truly delivered. Throughout the build they guided me in the right direction, offered me a heap of options, and even went out of their way to save me money during the build.” What got me was that they were so down to earth and genuinely excited to meet me. … To finally drive it after all that time was an awesome feeling too.”


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