Speedtech’s C10 Featured in C10 Builder’s Guide!

With a need to tap into the C10 market we decided a bolt-in frame clip just wasn’t going to make a big enough wave of competition when putting trucks up against cars on the autocross and road course. What started as an idea for an old beater shop truck has developed into a full line of ExtReme chassis’, and the wave was big enough that our ’68 C10 landed a feature in the summer edition of the C10 Builder’s Guide. Check out the pics and some of the story below!
“Shop trucks have been around since, like, for ever. Having produced a number of award-winning performance suspension parts and multi-purpose Pro-Touring car builds, owner of Speedtech Performance, Blake Foster, decided it was time to build his own version of a shop truck, something with a little twist.”

“A game plan with a few key must-haves was put in motion, including Speedtech’s famous subtle custom body mods, a modernized interior with all of the amenities, a comfortable ride for street cruises, and most crucial of all, it had to become a true Pro-Touring truck right at home playing with the wellprepped muscle cars on the autocross and road course.”

“…Scrapping every original part but the tailgate and empty cab shell, Classic Industries supplied the rest of the C-10’s new sheet metal. During the body’s reassembly, every panel on the truck was reworked with custom touches to match Blake’s vision for go-to-show quality.”

While the bodywork was shaping up in the rod shop, Speedtech’s engineering team was wrapping up R&D on a new suspension design specifically intended to outperform anything else available. Blake told us, “This new street suspension is also designed to lead the pack on track day. If we can prove it works by keeping pace with fully built Pro-Touring cars in our wheelbase-challenged, nearly 4,000-pound honest street driver pickup, it’ll clean house when fitted in Camaros, Novas and Chevelles.”

“Blake told us, “I needed it to be obvious this was a street truck that performs like a racer, rather than a race truck that looks like a streeter.”

“This combination of power and suspension helps this unique shop truck score big across the board. It’s got the cool slammed stance, smoothed body lines, comfortable street driving and full race car handling when it’s game on.”


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