Nick’s ZL-70 on House of Muscle

Before Nick’s incredible 70 Camaro got outfitted with our ExtReme subframe and Torque Arm to be that much more competitive, he originally set the car up with our Street Fighter front suspension and a 4 link out back. During that time the car was featured on House of Muscle and host Mike Musto was duly impressed. Imagine what he would’ve thought had he seen the car with the ExtReme suspension upgrades! Here are some of his words from the online feature…

“At first glance you might think that this is just another modified second-gen Camaro. However under all of that stunning orange paint is a fire-breathing bulldog of a car that’s been constructed by owner Nick Relampagos. Built to compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge Series, this 1970 Camaro was constructed to go up against some of the best street cars on the planet.”

“…Making a second-gen Camaro handle is not as easy as it seems which is why everything underneath the car was ditched in favor of a modern suspension and a coilover shock set up.”

“…But the best part about this car is that Nick drives it all the time. This is not a garage queen or some lawn ornament that was built to impress others. ‘This is a build I can admire for years and constantly improve on,’ Nick says. ”

We’ve seen Nick in action and trust us, he drives the car the way it was built to be driven. Now equipped with the new suspension you’ll find Nick shredding competition at Optima events as well as other autocross and road course events throughout the south west U.S.


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